The Third European Congress of Medical Physics – the Virtual Edition in June

Dear Colleagues,

Virtual European Congress of Medical Physics (ECMP) brings European medical physicist community together despite of the challenges brought by the pandemic restrictions and the postponement of the originally planned Third European Congress of Medical Physics. Obviously, this was not possible without considerable adjustments of the original contents. In short, this meant fitting the original three days and four rooms programme into three days and two virtual rooms live programme, in addition to extensive on-demand channel programme..

As ECMP organisers, we were happy to see the dedication of European medical physicists which was shown in the final number of abstract submissions – around 750 in total. I would like to thank each of you for sending your scientific findings into our congress. These studies are the forefront of the ECMP scientific programme with live & on-demand oral and e-poster presentations. My gratitude goes also to ECMP scientific committee and congress planning committee who made great effort in reviewing the abstracts and making it possible to compile the final scientific programme including around 330 oral presentations and around 360 posters.

You may see the live programme on the ECMP web page. In this final programme, the live programme is divided into two on-line broadcast rooms. Live programme covers altogether over 30 sessions of refresher courses, special focus sessions, scientific sessions, joint sessions, company symposia, plenary session and discussions. The main plenary talk will inspire us with the data-driven future of medical physics.

The on-demand programme includes extensive set of medical physics contents distributed in ten main channels representing our main subspecialities and topic areas, joint sessions and Spanish sessions representing the welcome nation of ECMP. Please note that after each day of our congress, the virtual ECMP live contents are added into the ECMP on-demand materials, and this accumulating on-demand contents remain in your access throughout the year, until 31 December 2021.
The congress opening is scheduled on Wednesday, 16th June, after the pre-congress workshops of AI, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy topics. Our congress days end with social programme which we hope many of you will enjoy.

We hope that or focus to serve the European community of Medical Physics to come together in virtual ECMP will be successful. This time it will be on-line but we already look to the future where we have the possibility to meet each other again in person. Until then, I warmly thank you for this possibility – an event which we make together.

Best summer wishes,

Mika Kortesniemi, President of ECMP 2020