EFOMP School for Medical Physics Experts on Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy

EFOMP School for Medical Physics Experts on Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy

This Summer school will be aimed at different aspects of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT), from basics to treatment imaging and planning to motion management, quality assurance and image guidance. Moreover, it will cover current hot topics, such as Cardiac SBRT (radio-ablation) and FLASH. And finally, attendees should get to know what the role of medical physicists in clinical SBRT.

Registration for Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy school is open! 

The EFOMP’s European School for Medical Physics Expert (ESMPE) in order to support education and training programmes for Medical Physicists is organising school editions in 2023 in collaboration with COCIR. ESMPE courses are accredited by EBAMP (European Board for Accreditation in Medical Physics) as a CPD event for Medical Physicists at EQF level 8.

EFOMP SCHOOL 2023 programmes

All lecturers will give their talks on-site but participants can choose if they want to attend the events on-site (limited number of participants) or online as courses will be live-streamed.

EFOMP Special Interest Group 1st Symposium on Radionuclide Dosimetry

The objective of the EFOMP Special Interest Group for Radionuclide Internal Dosimetry (SIG) is to establish a network of medical physicists working in radionuclide dosimetry. The SIG aims to fulfil the need for networking, education, research, and professional exchanges in this field. To fulfil these aims, EFOMP SIG_FRID will organise a Symposium on molecular radiotherapy dosimetry in Athens, Greece.

The Symposium will give the opportunity:

  • to review and share ongoing developments in radionuclide imaging and dosimetry;
  • to consider how personalised treatments may improve effectiveness at a time of rapid expansion of theragnostics and molecular radiotherapy
  • to discuss networking and synergies within a muti-disciplinary community at a time of challenge and opportunity.

Registration and Abstract submission for Symposium on Molecular Radiotherapy Dosimetry: The future of theragnostics is open!

Early Career Medical Physicists can use PIANOFORTE and ENEN++ grants.